What is Names.club?

Names.club is the first premium domain marketplace dedicated making great names affordable with a 60-month Easy Payments subscription. It is the best place to find a great, brandable domain name with the ideal extension. By focusing on offering Easy Payments, there are thousands of great brandable and keyword domains available for a low monthly fee to fit any budget. With great keywords available there is no need to deliberately misspell a word, or make words up just to get a domain name. At Names.club you can find the perfect, properly spelled, brandable name for your business or online presence.

What is different about Names.club?

At Names.club all premium names are available with 60-month Easy Payments. Simply pay an initial down payment of 15%, and the balance of 85% is paid in 60 monthly installments starting with the first payment right after your down payment is made. This means a great $2,000 name like HOODIE.SHOP is available for only $300 down and $28.33 per month. A $1,000 name like MODERNART.CLUB would be only $150 down and $14.17 per month.

Can I use my domain while I am making monthly payments?

Yes! After you have made your initial down payment you will have access to change the DNS information that dictates where your domain name points to. Your domain can point to your dedicated hosting for your website, or it can be redirected to an existing website or webpage or even point to your social media page. You are in control of the domain as long as your monthly payments are current.

What happens if I stop making my monthly payments? Or if I want to cancel?

The Easy Payment plan is just like a magazine subscription. You can cancel anytime with no penalty and no further obligation to pay. If you cancel or stop making your payments at any time, you will no longer have access to control the domain's DNS. We will remove the name from your account and offer it for sale again.

If I cancel my Easy Payment subscription, do I get any money back?

Nope. Sorry. While you don't have any obligation to pay the balance of the full price of the domain, there are no refunds or money back when you cancel. Your down payment and any monthly payments you have made cover the costs of your use and/or control of the name up until the time you cancel. It is just like you have leased or optioned the name exclusively for the period of time you were making payments.

What if I want to sell my name to someone else?

Awesome, and congrats! If you want to sell your name, you only owe us the balance due on your initial purchase price. Anything you receive from your buyer over and above that is yours to keep. You'll have to pay us the balance owed on the name in full before you are able to transfer the name to your buyer.

Can I transfer my domain to my account with my favorite registrar?

If you purchase a name for the "Buy It Now" price (one-time payment), yes. Once your payment is received, our support team will help you transfer the name to your registrar of choice. If you are financing your name with our Easy Payment plan, you cannot transfer the name out of your Names.club account until it is paid in full. The good news is that you can pay your outstanding balance at any time, with no pre-payment penalty.

Can I resell my name in the Names.club marketplace?

Yes! Please visit for details on how to submit a name for sale. Also, if you want to assign your remaining payments to someone else, it can be manually arranged. Please contact Support@names.club for more information or for help with such an assignment.

What about renewal fees?

All of the premium names offered at Names.club have standard renewal fees. For Easy Payment plan names, annual renewals are included in the price for the duration of your Easy Payment plan payments. Once your name is paid in full you are responsible for the annual renewal fees as charged by the registrar holding your name for you. If you purchased your name for a "Buy It Now" price (one-time payment), you are responsible for the annual renewal fees as charged by the registrar holding your name for you.

Do you provide hosting and email services with your names?

No. Names.club is focused exclusively on making it easy and affordable for you to get a great, brandable domain name that is ideal for your business or online presence. There are many great companies that offer hosting, website builders, email, and other services. You can choose the best option for your needs and budget and easily have your domain name point to it. If you need any assistance with the DNS pointing or redirecting just email us at Support@names.club.

I am a domain broker. How can I become a broker for names offered at Names.club?

Please visit www.NamesBroker.club for more information and to apply to become a Names.club broker.

Does Names.club have an affiliate program?

Yes, we do. Please visit www.NamesBroker.club for more information and to apply to become a Names.club affiliate.

Not finding the answer you want? Please email Support@names.club