List your names for sale at

You can now list your own domain(s) for sale at We can accept names with any extension, including .com. All domains are offered for sale with “buy-it-now” one-time payments and our 60-month “Easy Payments” plan.

Wider Distribution: In addition to the listing at, your names will also be available for sale through our "powered by" registrar channel, which includes distribution at Namecheap and a growing list of other registrars.

Let the names begin!

Go to “Settings” and select “My Names” to submit a domain for sale.


Things to note:

  • This is a non-exclusive listing. Your names can be listed for sale at other marketplaces, and you agree to alert us to remove your listing should the name sell elsewhere.
  • We can accept any top-level domain, including .com. All names must have Standard Renewal Fees. We cannot list names with Premium renewal prices.
  • Names must be priced at $5,000 or more to be listed.
  • If a name sells through, you will receive net 70% of the listing price, so please price your names accordingly. For example, for a name listed at $5,000 you will receive $3,500. If you want to net $5,000 the name should be priced at $7,144.
  • For Easy Payment sales, you are paid over 60 months. For example, for a name listed at $5,000 your net sales of $3,500 would be paid $58.33 per month until paid in full.
  • If an Easy Payment buyer stops paying before the name is paid in full, you get the name back and keep all payments you have received to that point.

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